Pembroke Gin Bottle.png


Care to quaff a premium pour? Deftly distilled, blissfully botanicaled, and handcrafted to utmost perfection, every drop of our Pembroke Gin hits your glass with fervour. The delicate floral accents and zesty citrus notes of this small-batch artful infusion make for a sterling sipping spirit, and one that quite simply stacks up in all manner of ravishing cocktails. Chin chin.


Anyone for a spot of tea? Savour this deftly distilled premium gin, artfully infused with the finest Earl Grey tea with its brisk bergamot flavours. This small-batch blend is blissfully botanicaled, lending a citrusy curl to your glass. Sip as a stand-alone spirit or blend in all manner of curious cocktails. We’ll cheers to that.


Sip, savour, and marvel at the miraculous transformation from humble potato to altogether outstanding pour. Six times distilled, meticulously handcrafted in small batches, we’ve struck on the secret for creating a luxuriously smooth spirit. Just the thing for all manner of ravishing cocktails, or relishing on the rocks. Care to indulge?