Bring your Valentine, enjoy the Happy Hour and hang out with your friends at Corgi Spirits this Thursday. No reservations are needed on this casual night of fun, games and special cocktails!

1) To start the fun off, come dressed in a ’stoplight’ color that best represents your current relationship status:

     Green = Available
     Yellow = The jury is still out
     Red = Taken

2) Grab a cocktail at Happy Hour prices all night (only $8). We’ll be featuring a special cocktail called the Jungle Bird, available this weekend only. It’s a play on the Tiki Classic, made with our Barrel Rested Gin, pineapple, molasses, lime and bitter soda. It might not take you to the Polynesian Islands, but it sure will taste like it.

3) Find a table and join your fellow guests for a game of Connect Four, Chess, Jenga, Simon Says or Monopoly. It’s a great way to meet new people AND have a little fun.

4) Buy a bottle on your way out and get 10% off.

We call this the easiest and best Valentine's Day ever! We hope to share it with you Thursday Night!