The USA Spirits Ratings competition, which took place in San Francisco on July 21, awarded Corgi Spirits Earl Grey Gin, Pembroke Gin and Very Merry Gin a Silver medal and Bee Blossom Gin a Bronze medal, which is the ultimate seal of approval within the spirits industry. In order to receive these awards, you must achieve a premium score in 3 different categories, in a blind tasting competition overseen by a panel of high-profile judges.

  1. Quality refers to the overall taste, flavor and aroma of the spirit.

  2. Value refers to the relative pricing of the spirit vis-a-vis other peers.

  3. Packaging refers to the overall brand presentation of the spirit, with an emphasis on how well the spirit appeals to a specific customer segment.

The goal of the USA Spirits Ratings competition is to find, evaluate and award spirits that successfully score well across each of these three major scoring criteria.

According to Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of event organizers Beverage Trade Network (BTN), “This innovative scoring system has been instrumental in identifying world-class spirits that consumers actually want to drink. We’ve broadened the definition of drinkability, in order to reflect how spirits drinkers actually choose which spirits they buy at a retail store or order from a restaurant menu.” 

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