Earl Grey Gin

A singularly fresh and surprisingly sippable gin.  Artfully infused with the finest Earl Grey tea and bright bergamot citrus peel.  A fragrant aroma beckons, as your palate embraces richly smooth and lingering black tea flavours. Sip as a stand-alone spirit or try it in your favourite cocktails. We think it mixes particularly well with lemon, honey, mint, club soda or tonic.


Pembroke Gin

A bright floral and citrusy gin made with pink peppercorns, elderflower, lavender, chamomile, and citrus peel, Pembroke Gin will delight you with its alluring aroma and lingering finish on the palate.  Mixes beautifully with citrus, honey, herbs, and liqueurs, and is delicious in all manner of cocktails, on the rocks, or in a lively gin & tonic.


Saddlecoat Vodka

With a creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel, and a long, smooth finish, this delectable small-batch potato vodka has plenty of depth and no hard edges at all. Try Saddlecoat Vodka neat, in a martini, or in your favourite cocktail.  Its elegance will elevate whichever tipple you choose.


Very Merry Gin



Inspired by figgy pudding, this most wonderful gin, distilled with rich dried fruit and warming spices is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of cheer during the most wonderful time of the year.  Cozy up with a cocktail, or enjoy it neat with a festive flourish of orange zest. We're sure this will be your new holiday tradition. Brown paper packages can take a back seat -- this is one of our favourite things!


Bee Blossom Gin



Stop and smell the spirits with us, won't you?  This gin with rich honey and delicate floral notes is the perfect pause from your everyday, and a positively perfumed potion to perk up your palate.  Delicately distilled and delightfully different, savor the fanciful flavours of this superb spirit on its own, over ice, or in a finely finessed cocktail.  It's a salutation to spring that blends marvelously with honey syrup, citrus juice, club soda, or a light tonic.  Why not *bee* adventurous and mix it with something that sings of spring?


Garden Party Gin



Welcome the warmer weather with a glamourous garden party! This sensational seasonal gin sports wisps of cooling cucumber, bright citrus, and fresh herbs. Just perfect for a festival in the field. Serve stirred or shaken in a cocktail, or couple with your choice of tonic for a juicy G&T.  Or try it as a slightly savoury twist on your favourite cocktail -- it plays wonderfully in spicy cocktails or a Bloody Mary.  Our Garden Party Gin is a refreshing breeze when the everyday seems too hot to handle.


Products Faqs

Q:  Where can I find your products outside of the distillery?

A:  In addition to luxuriating on the shelves of fine bars and restaurants across NJ, our bottles can be found in liquor stores throughout our great state.  We hope to be distributed in NY soon, with expanding presence thereafter. If your favourite place doesn't yet carry Corgi, it would be an unquestioned act of wisdom and intellect to suggest us to them.  And we would appreciate the leg up.  You're looking particularly gorgeous today, by the way.


Q:  Are you able to ship your products directly to me?

A:  Alas, right now the law prevents us from shipping any products directly to consumers.  But we believe that having fabulous spirits delivered to your door at the snap of your fingers is a right worth fighting for!  That's why we've partnered with some brilliant legal minds who are pushing to change the law so we can ship bottles to all of our adoring fans, wherever they may live.


Q:  Does your Earl Grey Gin contain caffeine?

A:  Our hearts flutter enough from our love of gin, we're not sure they could handle caffeine as well!  Rest assured that there is no caffeine in our products — our distillation process only extracts the flavours of the Earl Grey tea. We'll get our pulses racing through other means, thank you very much.


Q:  Are your products really gluten-free?

A:  They certainly are.  We make all our gins and our vodka from potatoes, and they contain no gluten whatsoever. You've found your new, perfectly pourable companion.


Q:  Do you only make spirits?

A:  Yes we do, hence the name Corgi Spirits. Spirits are our passion (in addition to dogs). We believe that, in the same way that people can transform humble ingredients into alcohol, so too can alcohol transform people. And, for us, spirits are the most magical, alchemical, and versatile form of alcoholic beverage — they put personality in punches, character in cocktails, and perfectly proffer the proper proof for providing a pinch of panache.