We have food trucks available on Friday and Saturday during the winter months (Fri-Sun in spring-fall), and plenty of private parking!

Come visit us!






Tours are held on the hour throughout the day during regular business hours (not including opening and closing times). Last tour each day is at 8pm. No need to make a reservation, but if you have a group of 10+ people please contact us so we can prepare accordingly. Tours last approximately 15 minutes and are free of charge.

Come join us for a magical, botanicaled, and perfectly potable exploration of our distillery.  During our tours, you will:

  • Meet our Corgi Spirits team
  • Get a close-up view of our still, The Copper Lady
  • Learn how our products are crafted
  • Gallivant through our tasting room
  • Have the chance to sample our sensational spirits


Behold, The Copper Lady. A gleaming beacon of fortitude, nestled in the noisy production area of the distillery. Through strength of will and commitment of purpose, she helps us to craft some of the most remarkable spirits you're likely to encounter. Along with our twin spirits tanks, Fred and George Weasley, our magnificent still serves as the font of flavour in every batch of Corgi Spirits.

Once our admirable vessels have played their part in the process, we pour our unique spirits into wooden barrels, leaving them to rest quietly along our walls. Here they patiently await the day they can be bottled, poured, sipped, and savoured.

The Tasting Room

Your Corgi Spirits experience starts here. Peruse our eccentric artwork collection while quaffing a cocktail. Kick back in a leather armchair or belly up to our beautiful bar, where our dextrous bartenders await you, eager to wax cocktailian while they introduce you to some impeccably prepared potions to dazzle your palate and lift your spirits.  Find your favourite elixir as you sample your way through our unique and wonderful selection of tipples.

The Lounge

It's a bona fide fact that cocktails taste better when you're seated in the lap of luxury. Our very own plush drinking parlour offers a quieter, cozier haunt for your to appreciate your pour. Gather with pals around the fireplace, and regale them with tales of your outlandish adventures. Grab a quiet corner around a low-slung card table with your paramour and whisper sweet nothings over a martini or three. Or simply settle in for an afternoon of "me time"  you've earned it.

The Lounge is the ideal space for private events birthdays, anniversaries, corporate happenings, divorce parties, and the like.  Trust us, if you host your group here you'll be the bee's knees.

Click the button below to reserve the private lounge, or our our whole facility for your special occasion

Please note that we do charge room rental fees for private use of the lounge and/or the whole distillery